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A range of memory, processor, programmable, NFC, contactless and dual interface cards.
FIDO keys and cards
Keys and cards based on the FIDO2 standards for secure cloud authentication.
Tags and tokens
A range of RFID and NFC labels, tags, keyfobs and wearables.
Starter/development kits
Various smartcard-based development kits to get you started with programming contact and contactless cards and PC applications.
A selection of smartcard readers suitable for use within many application areas. Our range includes desktop contact, contactless and dual interface technology, wedge readers, portable/mobile, SIM-sized, PINPad, built-in, RS232 serial and door access readers.
Smartcard related software for various application areas such as PKI-based logon/security, card integration and digital tachograph downloading.
Smartcard related accessories such as SIM adapters, reader stands and mounts, card holders and test equipment.

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All readers compatible with CAC or PIV cards.
NFC-compatible cards, tags, readers and modules, together with software to help with your NFC application development
RFID/NFC app integration
The software, and kits including cards and readers, needed to realise RFID/NFC applications for everything from process control automation to enrolment solutions.
Solutions for providing strong logon and authentication for PCs and network/PKI systems.
Door access control
Readers, cards and enrolment solutions to support your door access control system.
Mobile phone SIM
Hardware and adapters for working with mobile phone SIM cards.

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Hong-Kong based manufacturer of smartcards, smartcard readers and development kits.
Leading physical and logical access control manufacturer (products include iClass and Crescendo cards, plus Edge IP door access controllers).
The popular Omnikey range of smartcard readers from HID includes the Omnikey 3121 contact smartcard reader and the 5022/5023 contactless smartcard readers.
Manufacturer of smartcard readers and solutions (including the uTrust, Cloud and SCR series of readers).
Developer and manufacturer of programmable smartcards (including the ZC range of cards).
Well known smartcard chip manufacturer (range includes MIFARE, JCOP and DESFire cards).
Thales Gemalto
Thales, which incorporates SafeNet, now produces the Gemalto smartcard products (such as the IDBridge CT30 reader and .NET cards).
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