Cards, tags and tokens

Memory smartcards

Fixed-function smartcards primarily for storing data, some with security features but generally without other on-board processing facilities.
Microprocessor and PKI smartcards

Fixed-function processor-based smartcards that can be used for various applications including digital signatures and secure logon.
Programmable smartcards

Programmable smartcards that enable developers to create and load their own applications on the card.
Contactless smartcards

Cards with a contactless interface, including MIFARE and other ISO 14443/15693 technologies.
Contactless RFID and NFC tags and labels

Contactless tags and labels suitable for many purposes including RFID, NFC and door access control.
Combined contact and contactless smartcards

Smartcards with both contactless and contact interfaces.
FIDO tokens for secure web authentication

Hardware authentication tokens based on the FIDO standards for secure web-based authentication.


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