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Smartcard Focus is the official distributor for Read-a-Card products. The Read-a-Card software utility is the leading solution for automating RFID/NFC tag data transfer to existing cloud or desktop applications - identifying, reading, reformatting, logging and transferring data from contactless cards and tags.

Read-a-Card works with most common contactless card/tag types and readers full compatibility and functionality information available at

Read-a-Card software can be purchased for use with one or more existing compatible readers, or together with a reader as a complete kit - ready to go.

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Read-a-Card contactless reader software

Flexible desktop utility for handling RFID/NFC data identify and discover data types, keyboard wedge and cloud transfer.


Due to staffing shortages caused by COVID-19 we are currently taking longer than normal to process and ship orders. Our apologies for any delays - we hope to be back to normal soon!

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