Gemalto IDBridge K50 Shell Token V3

Gemalto IDBridge K50 Shell Token V3
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The IDBridge K50 (also known as Shell Token V3) from Gemalto is a USB SIM-sized smartcard reader offering convenient security for various application areas including network authentication, digital signatures and other PKI-based services. The IDBridge K50 enables strong standards-based 2-factor-authentication via a USB form factor and is designed for use with SIM-sized smartcards or SAMs that offer secure storage of cryptographic keys and certificates, as well as other applications.

This plug & play CCID device is designed for one-time assembly. Once inserted, the card is protected within the waterproof casing, and cannot be removed without damaging the plastic, thus providing tamper-evidence.

The IDBridge K50 will work with all ISO 7816 compliant cards via PC/SC and has WHQL approved Windows drivers, as well as support for other operating systems such as Linux.

Gemalto IDBridge K50 Shelltoken V3

Gemalto IDBridge K50 Shelltoken V3

Manufacturer: Gemalto

Connection Method: USB

Gemalto IDBridge K50 Shelltoken V3
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