JavaCOS A22 dual interface Java card - 150K

JavaCOS A22 dual interface Java card - 150K
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The JavaCOS dual interface card from Feitian is a FLASH-based Java Card with 150K of usable non-volatile storage, and 2.7K of user RAM. This card is designed for both contact and contactless functionality, supporting T=0/1 over ISO7816 and T=CL over ISO14443 A/B.

The JavaCOS A22 java card is an implementation of the Java Card 2.2.2 and Global Platform 2.1.1 specifications, running on the Infineon SLE78 platform.

Supplied with standard default keys for easy use in both development and deployment environments, the card is also supported by a FREE Java card applet development environment, available on request.

Supplied as plain white cards.
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