Contactless security smartcard for Dell laptops

Contactless security smartcard for Dell laptops
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This contactless security smartcard for Dell laptops is specifically designed to take advantage of the convenient two factor pre-boot authentication feature offered on several models of Dell laptop. Although the Dell contactless reader is compatible with many types of contactless cards, only HID's iClass range offers the enhanced security of an encrypted session between the card and the reader and uses data securely stored on the card rather than a relatively insecure chip serial number (CSN) to protect your logon credentials.

Our Dell contactless security card is specially pre-programed to offer the maximum possible security, and needs no additional drivers or software installation other than the standard Dell-installed ControlPoint Security Manager and Wave Embassy Security Center applications. After enrolling your contactless card you will be ready to enjoy secure 2-factor pre-boot authentication (PBA) as well as optional Windows login using cached credentials.

Please see your laptop user guide and the following HID Application Note for more details of how to enroll your contactless card.

Note: This card will only work with Dell E- or Z-series Latitude or Precision laptops (such as the E6400, E6500 or Z600) that have a contactless smartcard reader built in underneath the palm rest. This should not be confused with the contact smartcard reader slot that is available on nearly every model of Dell laptops.

Supplied as plain white cards. We can also advise on combined technology cards to enable door access control and/or PKI-based Windows logon, digital signature and data encryption applications.
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