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Omnikey 5325 CL with Read-a-Card e-license

Omnikey 5325 CL with Read-a-Card e-license

PC-based HID Prox reading solution

This package is designed to help with the easy integration of HID Prox (125 KHz) technology contactless smartcards into new or existing systems.
  • Registering new cards for your access control system can be done quickly & without error.
  • Systems that currently rely on barcode scanners can easily be migrated to contactless RFID technology.
  • Door access cards can be used in additional applications, such as: secure printing, cafeteria and machine vending, manufacturing process control.
Using the card reader, the Read-a-Card software retrieves the card's data (including UID and CSN) which can then be logged to a file, or automatically sent to other software applications using various methods (including simulating typed keyboard entry, sometimes known as 'keyboard wedge' functionality).

Read-a-Card can also work with additional PC/SC V2.0 compatible card readers at the same time, identifying & logging the card reader being used alongside the details of the RFID card being read.

Read-a-Card runs on a Windows PC. The kit includes the Omnikey 5325 CL, USB 2.0 smartcard reader with matching Read-a-Card e-license. The Read-a-Card software is licensed to be used on any PC to which the supplied reader is directly connected.

The Omnikey 5325 CL is a 125 KHz contactless smartcard reader, suitable for HID Proximity cards.

With this package you can:
  • View a contactless smartcard's unique ID and automatically insert it into text input fields.
  • Automatically launch software applications and/or custom URLs for each card read.
  • Read and display HID Prox card numbers.
  • Insert a custom prefix and suffix (including emulated key stokes) when performing 'keyboard wedge' functions.
  • De-duplicate repeated identical card reads.
Additional developer features include:
  • Windows messaging API for integration with other desktop apps.
  • Built in web server for browser integration using JavaScript.
  • Plug-in architecture for further extensions.

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Omnikey 5325 CL with Read-a-Card e-license


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