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The ACOS6 SDK from ACS is a complete software development kit for professional developers wanting to build programs or applications based around the ACOS6 card.

The ACOS6 Multi-application & Purse Card is a high speed and flexible smartcard designed to address the requirements of multiple applications and multiple e-purses with secure and hierarchical access of multiple levels. ACOS6 provides a secure environment for each independent application. This allows many applications to be incorporated onto one card thus providing cost effective solutions to developers, and a convenient platform to end users.

Security provided by ACOS6 can further be enhanced by the ACOS6 SAM card which enables mutual authentication, secure messaging and key diversification.

SDK contains:
  • 1 x ACR38 Smartcard Reader with SAM slot
  • 5 x ACOS6 Multi-Application & Purse smartcards
  • 5 x ACOS6-SAM Secure Access Module smartcards
  • 5 x ACOS3 Microprocessor smartcards
  • 1 x Development CD

The ACOS6 card is ideal for a wide range of applications which require multiple secure e-purses such as government services, payment applications, online top-up, loyalty programs etc.

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