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SIM adapters

Products for converting SIM cards for use in full-sized smartcard readers. Popular applications include car-phones and SIM programming.

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Nano-SIM adapter pack - Click for more info... Nano-SIM adapter pack
A high quality nano-SIM converter pack. Includes nano-SIM to standard SIM, nano-SIM to micro-SIM and micro-SIM to standard SIM converters. Colors may vary.
In stock
(3-5 days)
$  3.00
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Budget SIM adapter - Click for more info... Budget SIM adapter
Low-cost solution to temporarily convert a SIM-sized card to a full size one.
In stock $  5.00
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Premium micro-SIM Adapter - Click for more info... Premium micro-SIM Adapter
A high quality micro-SIM adapter that converts 3ff mini-UICC cards to standard size SIM cards.
In stock $  2.99
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Professional SIM adapter - Click for more info... Professional SIM adapter
Extremely durable solution to convert a SIM-sized card to a full size one. Ideal for regular desktop use.
In stock
(3-5 days)
$  12.00
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