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NTAG213 On-metal Tag 30 mm - Circular

NTAG213 On-metal Tag 30 mm - Circular

The NTAG213 on-metal tag from NXP is designed to be attached on a metal surface, utilising specially designed shielding to allow continued contactless use without interference. Operates at 13.56 MHz wireless frequency, according to the ISO 14443A standard, and contains 137 bytes of read/write space for NDEF data.

Based on the NTAG213 chip from NXP, this tag offers advanced security, anti-cloning features as well as a permanent lock feature, therefore user data can be permanently configured read-only. The NTAG213 is a replacement for the popular NTAG203 chip and is fully compatible with MIFARE Ultralight C.

Subject to memory size, this tag is suitable for storing
  • any type of URI including URLs, telephone numbers, SMS, e-mail and geo-locations
  • plain text or a combination of plain text and a URI
  • vCards and signatures
Typical application areas include:
  • smart posters, advertising displays, kiosks and bus stop advertisements
  • metal-backed smart phones
  • embedding in devices
  • Public Transportation
  • loyalty and payment
This tag is NFC forum type 2 compliant and typically operates at a distance of up to 5cm depending on the power provided by the NFC enabled device.

Supplied as 1.5mm thick, 30mm diameter self-adhesive tags with RFID logo.

Pricing is per tag.

We offer various NFC encoding, printing & customising services - please contact us for details!

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NTAG213 On-metal Tag 30 mm - Circular


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