Gemalto IDPrime PIV card V2

Gemalto IDPrime PIV card V2
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The IDPrime PIV card V2 from Gemalto is a 128K dual-interface standards-based smart card suitable for public and private organizations wishing to leverage the benefits of the NIST PIV standard.

Delivering high levels of security for identity management and authentication, this PIV card is based on the Gemalto dual interface IDCore 3020 V2 microprocessor chip, for use with contact and contactless readers. This has 128K of addressable memory and features an ISO 14443 compliant contactless interface as well as an ISO 7816 contact interface. The card is electrically pre-personalized with a default data model, PIN values and master key, and is configured to use Global Secure Channel Protocol 01 (SCP01).

Gemalto IDPrime PIV cards are certified Federal Information Processing Standard 201 (FIPS201) and FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated.

Please note that you will require additional PIV-compliant issuance software in order to utilise these cards for applications such as Windows log-on.

Laser-engraved white PVC card with magnetic stripe.
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