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The ACR89-A2 from ACS is an advanced, dual-interface version of the standard ACR89 secure smartcard terminal that combines a high resolution graphical LCD, 4 LED status indicators 2 full size smartcard slots, 3 SAM slots and a contactless interface that communicates with ISO 14443 A/B, FeliCa, and ISO 18092 cards and tags for NFC. With large on-board memory and low energy consumption, the ACR89-A2 is designed for highly demanding multi-application solutions.

The ACR89-A2 SDK provides a complete package of documentation, sample code and connection cables to accompany the included reader.

SDK contains:
  • 1x ACR89-A2 NFC reader
  • 5 x ACOS3
  • 5 x ACOS6-SAM
  • 5 x MIFARE cards
  • Development CD
Further supplies of all cards and readers are available from our store.

ACR89 and ACR89-A2

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Standards and Certifications
ISO 7816
ISO 14443 A/B, T=CL (ACR89-A2 only)
ISO 18092 (ACR89-A2 only)
EMV Level 1
RoHS Compliant

Protocols / Cards Supported:
Supports all MCU smartcards using T=0 or T=1 protocols as well as all ISO 7816 compliant cards

Technical Specifications:
Connection methodUSB full speed
Supplied currentmax. 60mA
Dimensions181mm (L) x 77mm (W) x 30.5mm (H)
Operating voltage3.7V
Power: PC-linked modeAutomatically switch to USB bus power, always ON.
Power: Standalone modeAutomatically switch to Lithium rechargable battery power, soft ON/OFF switch
Power consumptionLess than 40mA (excluding card and backlight)
Supply Current max. 60mA
Operating Temperature0-50oC
CLK Frequency4.8 MHz

128x64 dot-matrix LCD with back light
20-key keypad with extremely high durability
Tamper sensing switch
Buzzer with software switching control
LED status indicators

SDK CD-ROM Contains:

(Only available when purchased as part of an SDK)
  • Software drivers supporting Windows XP, Vista and 7
  • Demo programs (include source code) to showcase smart card features and capabilities
    • Standalone Demo which includes Device Configuration and Taxi
  • Tools and Utilities
    • CardTool - allows you to send commands to any PC/SC compliant smart card reader, and to any ISO 7816 T=0 compliant smart card.
    • PCSC learning - teaches you how to use the PC/SC APIs step-by-step and what parameters to use
    • QuickView - checks for proper driver installation
    • ScriptBuilder - allows you to create, compile and download scripts to the ACR89 device.
  • Sample Codes
    • Demonstrates basic commands used to communicate with the cards and reader
    • Java, Java (x64), Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic .NET 2008, Visual Basic .NET 2008 (x64), Visual C# .NET 2008, Visual C# .NET 2008 (x64), Visual C++ 6.0, Visual C++ (x64), Active X C#
  • Reference Manuals
  • Further Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: ACS

Connection Method: USB

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