FeliCa Lite NFC tag, 50mm circular

FeliCa Lite NFC tag, 50mm circular
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The FeliCa Lite NFC tag is a 50mm circular NFC contactless self-adhesive tag that operates at 13.56MHz wireless frequency and contains 224 bytes of usable read/write memory. Based on the FeliCa RC-S965 chip from Sony, this NFC tag features an optimized, simple file system and streamlined security functions.

The FeliCa Lite NFC tag is equipped with energy-saving capabilities enabling the tag to operate in a low-strength electromagnetic field. Designed to offer a low-cost alternative to standard FeliCa cards and tags, this compact tag is ideal for use in high-volume and cost-conscious NFC applications, including:
  • rewards and loyalty systems, frequent buyer programs
  • contactless ID applications
  • eBusiness cards and
  • sales promotion items
The FeliCa Lite NFC tag is backwards compatible within the FeliCa environment, and has been pre-formatted to NDEF for NFC applications.

This tag is NFC forum type 3 compliant.

Supplied as 50mm diameter plain white self-adhesive PVC tags.

Pricing is per tag.

Please note - NFC tags will generally not work if attached or very near to a metal surface, unless you use one of our all surface products.

FeliCa Lite

Technical Specifications
Communication standardISO/IEC 18092 (212kbps passive mode)
Operating frequency13.56 MHz
Modulation methodASK modulation
Bit codingManchester encoding system
Communication speed212 kbps
User memory14 blocks
Memory separation functionnone
Reader/writer authenticationStreamlined authentication via triple DES data encryption algorithm
Supported commandsNone
Operating temperature-25C to +85C
Storage temperature-40C to 125C

Manufacturer: Sony

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