'Tap Me Up!' NFC keyring, 144 byte

'Tap Me Up!' NFC keyring, 144 byte
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This trendy 'Tap me up!' NFC keyring is an ID-size PVC keyring that operates at 13.56 MHz wireless frequency and contains 137 bytes of usable read/write space for NDEF data. Based on the MIFARE Ultralight C chip from NXP, it offers high security, anti-cloning features and a permanent lock feature, therefore user data can be permanently configured read-only.

Subject to memory size, the 'Tap me up!' keyring is suitable for storing
  • any type of URI including URLs, telephone numbers, SMS, e-mail and geo-locations
  • plain text or a combination of plain text and a URI
  • vCards and signatures
Typical application areas include:
  • rewards and loyalty systems, frequent buyer programs
  • contactless ID applications
  • Public Transportation
  • eBusiness cards
This keyring is NFC forum type 2 compliant and typically operates at a distance of up to 5cm depending on the power provided by the NFC enabled device.

Supplied as 65 x 25mm PVC keyrings.

Pricing is per keyring.

We offer various NFC encoding, printing & customising services - please contact us for details!
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