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The ACR38 USB desktop reader from ACS is a high speed USB 2.0 device housed in a neat white casing. This reader is fully PC/SC, CCID and EMV Level 1 compliant and supports all ISO 7816 microprocessor-based smartcards as well as numerous popular memory cards.

Perfect for many smartcard-based applications on desktop PCs, the reader comes complete with WHQL approved Windows drivers, as well as support for other operating systems such as Linux.

The ACR38 IPC is a popular and cost-effective smartcard reader that complies with the latest industry specifications. The white case design provides an alternative to the standard model of ACR38.

ACx38 series

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

The ACx38 range are all USB 2.0 and include the following models:-
  • ACR38 (CCID)
  • ACR38 IPC (CCID)
  • ACR38F (CCID)
  • ACR38 Landing
  • ACR38 SAM
  • ACR38 BMC
  • ACR38ET
  • ACR38U N1 PocketMate
  • ACR38U ND PocketMate II
The ACR38 is also available as an SDK containing one ACR38 USB one ACR38T-IBS USB (a SIM-sized plug-in Smart Card Reader), 20 smartcards (10 of ACOS2/3, 5 each of SLE4428, SLE4442), a balance reader and a CD-ROM containing useful learning tools, sample code and demonstration software.

All these readers contain the same series of ACS controller chip housed in different casings with varying additional features. The ACR38 SAM model contains a built in SAM card slot. The ACx38 series of readers are single chip solutions that have been certified by EMV Level 1, FCC, CE and Microsoft WHQL.

Standard PC/SC drivers for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X come with every product. A synchronous memory card API is also available in the SDK. Also CCID compliant where shown.

Standards and Certifications
ISO 7816
EMV Level 1
Microsoft WHQL 2K, XP

Protocols / Cards Supported:
Supports all microprocessor-based smartcards using T=0 or T=1 protocols as well as the following memory cards:-
SiemensSLE4418, SLE4428, SLE4432 & SLE4442
AtmelAT24C01 1024
STMicroelectronicsST14C02C & ST14C04C
Secure memory cardsAT88SC153 & AT88SC1608
Card Voltage5V, 3V & 1.8V

Technical Specifications:
Connection methodUSB 2.0 (USB 1.1 Backwards compatible)
Supplied voltageRegulated 5V DC
Supplied currentMax. 50mA
Card contactsSliding, rated to min. 100,000 insertions
CLK Frequency4 MHz
Drivers for USB interfacesPC/SC for Windows
PC/SC for Linux & MacOS X
Synchronous API

SDK CD-ROM Contains:

(When purchased as part of an SDK)
Software driversWindows 2000 and later
Demo programsShowcases ACR38 features and capabilities e.g. e-purse, logical access control, etc.
Tools & UtilitiesPCSC CardTool - tests the protocol transfer between the reader and the PC
PCSC Learning Tool - enhances your knowledge in showing you how to use the PCSC API's step-by-step and what parameter to use
QuickView - checks for proper driver installation
Script Commander PCSC - allows you to send a predefined sequence of smart card commands to your CPU card.
Sample CodesUsed to demonstrate basic commands used to communicate with the cards and readers
Visual Basic, Visual C++, Borland Delphi , VB.NET, C#
Reference ManualsEasy to use reference manuals to help with the development process
Technical SpecificationsIncludes detailed technical specifications of all the contained products
Further pictures of the ACR38U-ND are shown below.

Manufacturer: ACS

Connection Method: USB

ACx38 series
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