RFID-Blocking Card Holder with Extender

RFID-Blocking Card Holder with Extender
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This SkimStopper product has built in RFID card protection which prevents 13.56MHz contactless cards being read whilst inserted in the card holder. Its hinged back results in the cardís RFID capabilities being inactive until the holder is squeezed open.

Also included is a retractable card holder extender with an 80cm pull cord. Together these items produce a smart, secure way of protecting contactless cards against unwanted access, whilst maintaining the ease of authorized use.

Reports exposing security issues with several high profile applications of contactless (RFID) technology such as passports and Oyster cards have resulted the introduction of RFID blocking devices. The RFID-Blocking Card Holder with Extender provides a simple yet convenient solution for contactless applications that require regular use such as in physical access systems.

The RFID-Blocking Card Holder also meets the US government FIPS-201 requirements for electromagnetically opaque sleeves.

Dimensions: 118x70x7mm (card holder dimensions)

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