BasicCard Starter Kit

BasicCard Starter Kit
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This kit is suitable for anyone looking to get started with the BasicCard range of programable smartcards.

All the required documentation and software for application development is also provided on the development CD, while further supplies of readers and BasicCard products are available from our store.

The ACR38 IPC is fully PC/SC and EMV Level 1 compliant and supports all ISO 7816 microprocessor-based smartcards as well as many popular memory cards.

Starter Kit contains:
  • 1 x ACR38 IPC USB Reader
  • 2 x BasicCard ZC3.32
  • 1 x BasicCard ZC5.4
  • 1 x Starter kit CD
Further supplies of all cards and readers are available from our store.

The BasicCard Range

Enhanced BasicCards
VersionEEPROMRAMProtocolEncryptionExtrasFP SupportFile System
ZC3.32 (previously ZC3.9)8K256 bytesT=1DESNoneFullYes
ZC3.14 (previously ZC3.12)2K256 bytesT=1DESNoneFullYes

Professional BasicCards
VersionPK AlgorithmEEPROMRAMProtocolEncryptionExtrasFP SupportFile System
ZC5.4EC-16716K1KT=0, T=1AES & DESSHA-1FullYes
ZC5.5EC-16731K1.7KT=0, T=1 EAX/OMAC/AES/DESSHA-1FullYes
ZC5.6EC-16760K1.7KT=0, T=1 EAX/OMAC/AES/DESSHA-1FullYes
ZC7.5 RSA, EC-p32K2.9KT=0, T=1, T=CL21EAX/OMAC/AES/DESSHA-1FullYes

1T=CL2 for dual interface version only

Multi-Application BasicCard
VersionPK AlgorithmEEPROMRAMProtocolEncryptionExtrasFP SupportFile System
ZC6.5EC-16731K1.7KT=0, T=1EAX/OMAC/AES/ DESSHA-1FullYes

Manufacturer: BasicCard

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