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Smartcard Focus is constantly updating and adding to its product range. As well as representing several major manufacturers from within the world-wide smartcard industry, our product team searches out the more specialized products and solutions and helps to introduce them to a wider market. The items below highlight new products and developments in our range.

2012.03.14 - Advanced NFC Technology by NXP – The NTAG203 Is Now In Stock!

Significantly improved performance and faster response times are on offer with the new NTAG203 NFC contactless chip developed by NXP. The chip comprises 144 bytes of user memory and is fully compatible with MIFARE Ultralight C.

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2012.01.11 - Further Expand Your iPhone’s Capabilities With The New iOS Smartcard Reader!

Ticketing, electronic payment, network security and e-commerce are just a few of the applications you can now add to Apple iPhones, iPads or iPods: the iOS Smartcard Reader from BHXT, also known as the iBankSpace, is a full-sized smartcard reader that also features a MicroSD slot for memory expansion and a mini-USB port for connection to other devices.

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2011.12.09 - Innovative NFC Solutions With The New SCM NFC SDK

Comprising two SCM3712 NFC reader modules and an SCL3711, as well as all necessary drivers, tools, documentation and a complete set of NFC tags, the SCM NFC SDK can significantly accelerate time-to-market for NFC devices as well as new solutions that rely upon NFC technology. SCM Microsystems’ new NFC SDK is a complete development package that will allow developers and system integrators to easily add NFC functionality to their existing solutions or create brand new applications that may combine traditional contactless solutions with NFC technology.

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2011.09.09 - The ACR38 Family Expands: New Look, Same High Performance

An alternative to the standard ACR38 is this stylish modern case design brought about by the ACR38 JKC. Compliant with the latest industry specifications, the ACR38 JKC from ACS is ideal for many smartcard-based applications in any image-conscious environment.

2011.08.22 - New bundles and new possibilities with Read-a-Card!

Smartcard Focus is proud to introduce the brand new version of Read-a-Card, a contactless card software utility that reads card numbers and unique IDs from various types of contactless cards and tags. Apart from the traditional Read-a-Card functionalities (viewing unique IDs, reading MIFARE card serial numbers, performing ‘keyboard wedge’ functions etc), Read-a-Card is now offering a wider range of additional developer features so that more sophisticated tasks can also be executed on. The Read-a-Card developer features pack now includes an easy-to-use Windows messaging API, a built-in web server for easy integration with local or remote web pages, and additional customized plug-in capabilities for advanced card reading and writing applications. The software is now available in 3 license forms when purchased on its own, and bundled with the most popular contactless smartcard readers.

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