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Smartcard Focus is constantly updating and adding to its product range. As well as representing several major manufacturers from within the world-wide smartcard industry, our product team searches out the more specialized products and solutions and helps to introduce them to a wider market. The items below highlight new products and developments in our range.

2013.01.04 - Secure Handheld Terminal With NFC: The ACR89-A2 Is On The Shelves!

Offering the same secure features as the original ACR89 PIN-Pad reader with the addition of NFC capabilities, the ACR89-A2 is now available for an even wider audience, enabling the integration of secure traditional smartcard applications with contactless technology. Supporting ISO 14443 A/B as well as FeliCa and ISO 18092 for NFC, the ACR89-A2 is now in stock, ready to ship!

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2012.11.13 - DTAG100 Launched - Revolution in NFC

Link NFC technology to digital signage, media players, PCs and other systems through Dot Origin's DTAG100 Dynamic NFC Tag! This universal, platform-independent NFC module is now available through Smartcard Focus in a convenient evaluation kit, containing useful accessories such as a wall-box, mounting pillars and a useful companion CD.

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2012.07.28 - Improved Efficiency In Secure Smart Card Applications With The ACR33U From ACS

Smartcard Focus is proud to introduce the ACR33U from ACS, a dual-slot contact smartcard reader that can operate 2 full-sized smartcards at the same time. Featuring an additional 3 internal SAM slots, this reader is highly suitable for any security-conscious application including e-Payment and e-Government. The ACR33U is in stock, available immediately!

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2012.06.11 - A Sleeker ACR38T From ACS - The ACR38T-D1 Is Now In Stock!

A new, improved version of the ACR38T-D1 is now available through Smartcard Focus, featuring a sleek white case and secure eject mechanism. Equipped with all the functionalities of the standard size ACR38 reader, the ACR38T-D1 weighs nothing more than a USB stick and keeps smart card technology right at your fingertips.

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2012.05.23 - Cost-efficient Convergence Through The Omnikey 5326!

Achieve streamlined migration and ease of integration using the Omnikey 5326 Dual Frequency Reader, supporting both low and high frequency contactless technologies, including 13.56 MHz iClass, 125 KHz HID Prox as well as iClass SE. Supporting the simultaneous use of these technologies enables secure and convenient logical and physical access control using a single authentication device. Now available through Smartcard Focus!

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